In the food for love


Hong Kong, what an extraordinary place!

Hong Kong night skyline

From the moment we stepped off the plane to the moment we got back on, we had nonstop fun in this feast to the senses, dazzled by the lights, soaking in the energy of the crowds, eating steaming dim sum, slurping oodles of noodles, awestruck by the buildings, getting soaked in a summer rain storm. Ten days in this incredibly energetic city left us wanting to stay for good, and pining over it over the next few weeks.

Hypermodernity and bamboo scaffolding – the great Hong Kong paradox.

Our uber-hosts, Brian and Betsy (of former Parisian fame) get an extra special mention for being so welcoming and accommodating, for taking the time to show us around and, most importantly, eating out with us almost every night. Their flat was a cool and quiet oasis to come home to after a hectic day discovering their city, and we absolutely loved getting to spend so much time with them.

B&B, great couple, awesome hosts.

Besides Brian and Betsy, it turns out that both Marc and I have quite a few friends in Hong Kong. Like in previous cities we had visited where we had acquaintances, seeing familiar faces made us feel much more at home that much quicker. We saw Lyon, a friend from Paris originally from Hong Kong, who took us out for drinks and dinner and met us at the Ladies’ Recreation Club — the club Hong Kong ladies of colonial yore founded when they got fed up with their husbands’ gentleman’s club antics, now a swanky sports club sitting on a huge chunk of prime real estate rumoured to have been bought for one HK dollar —  where he plays tennis.

We saw Marc’s friend Crookie and his wife Olive who showed us a grand old time on a day-long all you can eat, all you can drink junk trip around the beaches and islands in Hong Kong. We dropped in for tea chez Thuy-Tien and got to spend some time with her and her super cute daughter Iris.

But mostly in Hong Kong, we ate. A lot.

At our favourite noodle bar. The sauce on their steamed vegetables was OUT OF CONTROL. It tasted like jamon iberico in sauce form.

Egg custard cakes, a Macanese tradition with Portuguese heritage. They also sell them in Hong Kong. Served hot and delicious!

Crispy fried chicken at the North Point cooked food centre. Crispy skin, flavourful juicy flesh, topped with fried garlic flakes. Typing this is making my mouth water.

Squid ink pasta. Also delicious. Also at the North Point Cooked Food Centre. (Cooked Food Centres are like the food court area of covered markets.Lots of dining options for not too dear a price, great atmosphere) I won’t scare you with the photo of my mouth after this bite.

Brian with Raymond, the owner of the place in the Cooked Food Centre. He is very fond of Brian.

Although they are a Shanghai specialty, leaving without having eaten Shao Long Bao, or soup dumplings, was not an option. These particular ones were found in Kowloon at the Wu Kung restaurant.

Marc found the perfect sweet and sour chicken at Wu Kung. He talks about it to this day.

Lost and found again: the legendary crispy chilli beef in sesame pockets.

Marc considers becoming a duck-carving apprentice at Spring Deer.

Doing what we do best: ordering dim sum!

What we ordered. Furry scallops. Like nothing you’ve ever tasted.

Go into my mouth.

No, I did not have sexual relations with the furry scallop.

Deceptively spicy. But the broth, oh the broth...

We didn’t just eat, really… We also drank:

On the junk with Crookie (the boys were very happy with the free beer).

Followed by jello shots on Lang Kwai Fong, as you do.

But then we were back to eating…

We went to Saikung and ordered a lobster, which we picked out, and then, um, ate.

We watched the fishmongers on boats while we were there.

Dragon boats at rest by Saikung pier.

And watching the world go by.

We watched the trams.

And rode some too.

Our first tram was to The Peak, with a view overlooking Hong Kong and Kowloon.

We trekked the famous Dragon’s Back trail to end at Big Wave Beach. Where we of course rewarded ourselves with fresh mango juice.

These are the seats of the Star Ferry we took to Kowloon where we bought electronics (including my new favourite lens, the Nikon 35mm f1.8)

Snuck a photo in at Man Mo Temple...

Walked around Soho...

Strolled through the Graham Street wet (open air) market and watched a butcher butchering a pig.

Pretty fishies. Didn’t get a picture but in Hong Kong they do this thing where they slice off one side of a live fish in such a way that the heart keeps beating and they put them out to display. Quite gory, yet fascinating.

We spent a day in Macau, former Portuguese colony and nowadays the gambling centre of Asia, where we bet $18 on roulette and lost it all in one go.

The Venetian is exactly the same in Macau as it is in Las Vegas.

We lunched at Fernando’s, an authentic Portuguese restaurant in Coloane village on Taipa Island, Macau.


In Macau, you don’t need to join the gym to have a go on the elliptical machine.

The magical path of the egg custard cake lead us to the ruins of St Paul.

Back in HK. Sheung Wan, close to the B&B house, is home to a million Chinese medicine and rare delicacy shops such as shark fin, swallow’s nest, and...

...dried sea horse.

We popped into the free city aviary on our last day.

We saw this crazy-looking dude there.

And so our time in Hong Kong came to an end, but not before turning Brian onto tofu (maybe) and mango. We most definitely want to move there (along with Rio, Santiago, Buenos Aires…). Coincidentally, our friend Jethro in Paris was offered a job in Hong Kong during our stay. Dude, we are so fucking jealous!!! Needless to say, we’ll be back.



4 Responses to “In the food for love”

  1. cynthia cutler Says:

    Wow. Brings back memories when I was in Honk Kong. You should both be putting on so much weight with all that food. Marc you are beginning t look lke a native !!!!! (Mum) x

  2. Deanna Says:

    Awesome, awesome photos! I probably don’t need to say it, but I’m still jealous! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of June already. You guys have been gone for so long. Glad to hear the trip just keeps getting better and better.

    • marc Says:

      Hey D, glad to see you are enjoying the blog. Hope all is well in Paris. We’ll be back to tie up a few loose ends at the end of August. Will be good to catch up then if you’re around?

      • DW Says:

        End of August might be the time I’m on holiday, but I haven’t booked anything yet, so let me know the dates you’re in town when you know. If I’m gone then, you’re welcome to use my place. 🙂

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