Plush in Paraty


Although Rio de Janeiro was a great start (with a bang) to our travels, Carnaval’s constant beating drums and accompanying hordes of people made us crave a little bit of the peace and quiet we had enjoyed on our hike to the waterfall and Pedra Bonita. As we needed to head south to Sao Paulo after Ilha Grande anyway, we made a 2-day stopover in Paraty. It was still high season and the cheaper hostels were all fully booked so we were yet again forced to break our budget and go for the luxury option, landing us at the Pousada do Morro do Forte on a dark, rainy night. We were pretty exhausted so after a quick dinner in town, where we were served by a very eager waiter, we skipped Go and went Directly To Bed.

Imagine our delight when we awoke the next morning to a view overlooking the old colonial town and its small harbour, and more importantly, the best breakfast we’d had so far! There were five different kinds of bread, cheese, ham, turkey ham, melon, pineapple, mango, papaya, fresh juices, eggs made to order, tea and coffee of course, and a different cake everyday.

food with a view

As we were already overspending with the accommodation, we were forced to bring out the frugal traveller in us. One of our daily tactics was to stuff ourselves and then prepare our lunch sandwiches with the breakfast ingredients available to us.

This was a great money-saving tactic but it did make us a little sad when on a boat tour we took around the islands off Paraty, the other passengers ordered mouth-watering hot meals to eat onboard while we ate our squished, lukewarm sandwiches we had prepared at breakfast. We kept this tactic up for nearly a week, and as Brazilian breakfasts all use the same bread and cheese, by the time we left Sao Paulo we were both glad we wouldn’t have to see another cheese sandwich in a roll again.

We did agree, however, that from then on we would aim for MUCH cheaper

riding through rivers

accommodation, so as to have the funds to enjoy other activities that inevitable will cost money.  For example, we went on a three-hour horse-ride around the forests, over hills and through  rivers surrounding Paraty.

Marc had never been on a horse before but managed to hold his own and more, breaking out into a canter and not falling off! (no really he was very good)

horseman marc

We also managed to find the cheaper places to eat – walking just a few blocks from the town centre and the prices were slashed in half, the portions doubled! On our last night in Paraty we decided to go to a Kilo restaurant, another first for Marc. These restaurants are all over Brazil. The concept is pretty straightforward: you pay for how much you eat, prices hovering around 30 Reais per Kg. You go around what looks like a buffet, fill your plate with veggies, rice, pasta, fish, grilled-to-order steak, and then head over to the till to weigh your plate. Of course, as anyone could have guessed, my plates were always heavier than Marc’s. We eventually figured out that I eat about 600g of food and Marc about 400g. I guess the next budgeting tactic is for me to eat less. Progress report to come…



2 Responses to “Plush in Paraty”

  1. cynthia cutler Says:

    Cant believe Marc went horse riding. Bet his bum was sore. What wonderful experiences Manna, I feel as though Im really there the way you describe things.

  2. Gabrielle Says:

    hahahahaha I love how it’s all about the food!

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