It Aint All Good


We’ve only been travelling for 2-3 weeks but already we’ve been bitten by bugs, burnt on the beach, and bored by countless planes, trains and automobiles, buses, boats and bikes. We’ve been besieged by bothered bellies, suffering variously from Rio-rrhoea, Sao Bowell-o and Poo-no (ok, we’ve not been to Puno yet but I like that last pun). And we’ve blown our budgets at every available opportunity.

But these are all manageable bi-products of the traveller’s life. The biggest issue is that disaster seems to be following us everywhere (or are we following it?).

It started with the flooding at Machu Picchu, which has resulted with the whole site including the entire Inca Trail being closed down for two months. This was due to be one of the highlights of our trip and we’re sad not to be able to go. Then there were the landslides at Ilha Grande which did not stop us from going there but were a worry nonetheless.

The Machu Picchu problem led to us changing our route round Peru and we were looking forward to visiting the ancient and mysterious Nasca Lines, which can only be viewed from the sky. But on the same day we arrived in the country the front pages of the newspapers were reporting that one of the many tourist planes had crashed and there were no survivors. No more Nasca for us!

Then we were due to go surfing in Lima. Of course, that’s when there was an earthquake in Chile sending tsunamis across the western coast of South America. Adventurous we may be but tackling giant waves on our first surfing experience would perhaps be one adventure too far.
We are now fully expecting the Amazon to dry up and the Patagonian glaciers to melt, and we apologies in advance if your country is on our route!

But despite all of this we are doing well and still enjoying our adventure. We won’t be taking unnecessary risks anywhere (so there’s no need to worry about any of this mum!). And our new route round Peru and Bolivia is one we are excited about. We’re particularly looking forward to trekking in Colca Canyon (the deepest canyon in the world) and going further into the Amazon than we originally had time for. A few earthquakes, tsunamis and floods are not going to stop us yet.



5 Responses to “It Aint All Good”

  1. cynthia cutler Says:

    Wow Marc and Manna. What do you mean nothing for me to worry about. You’ve never seen me with grey hair have you. Wait until you get back !!! Keep having fun your loving but anxious Mum !!!!

  2. lyn Says:

    wot an adventure! please call me or skype me marc when you can, something to tell you! :)..

  3. Darren and Connie Says:

    Hi Marc just a thought but best you inform any future towns and countries of your forth coming visits so they can evacuate immediatley , also please confirm your return date so i can be on holiday lol.

    Connie and I hope you and Manna are having a ball 🙂

  4. Eulalia Says:

    Qué locos!!!!!!!!

  5. Eulalia Says:

    Feu el favor de no fer tantes bojeríes

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