Flash Gordons


Apparently there’s a word for people like us. They call us Flashpackers. The ones who shunt the simple travellers life and instead fill their backpacks with all the latest gadgets on the go, from micro laptops and mobile phones to clothing made from the most modern material tested by NASA on Jupiter’s third moon.

Despite the derogatory intentions of the word Flashpacker (‘all the gear and no idea’, some might say), it’s a persona I intend to fully embrace. Because even though I am now a tree-hugging, hemp-wearing, mung-bean munching, fully-fledged member of the Great Unwashed, I still love my gadgets.

This is why in my brand new Alpine Lowe TT Tour 70 rucksack I have packed the following luxury items:

Toshiba NB200-10Z Netbook

Apple Ipod Touch 16gb

Maglite LED 2AA Torch

Leatherman Surge (thanks Paris friends)

North Face Ultra 105 GTX XCR Trail Running Shoes (so extreme they have two Xs in the title)

JBL Micro-Portable Speakers

Phillips Electric Shaver

Nokia E71 Mobile Phone (just for emergencies and will mostly be left off, so don’t try calling me ex-colleagues!)

Canon Powershot SD870 Digital Camera

But don’t think I’m the only Flash Harry on the traveller trail. Manna is just as bad as me (although she tries to deny it), with her Nikon D90 SLR Camera and Apple Ipod Touch in her North Face Pacific Crest rucksack.

The only problem with all of this is that I have just finished my first attempt at packing and there are a couple of things I can’t fit in – my clothes and my medical pack! Oh well, who needs a change of clothes anyway? I plan to be the smelliest Flashpacker on the planet.


3 Responses to “Flash Gordons”

  1. cynthia cutler Says:

    Make sure you wash before visiting me. Its getting exciting nearly on your way. x

  2. lynette Says:

    nice one marc! all ya need now is a good book! ;)x

  3. agusyfelix Says:

    No clothes , but an iPod, Laptop and camera…. would that make you a Flasher-packer?

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